Wednesday, February 17, 2010

strawberry garden

i'm really inconsistent with entries. I want to blog more regularly, my aim is actually one entry a day. I really want to put photos with each entry though so this is usually what stops me from doing an entry, i have to take photos which i always forget to do during the day when the light is good...either that or i decide i want to take photos when steve is at work, but i use his iphone to take photos because we don't have a reliable camera, so when he is at work, he has his phone with him and i have no camera to use. oh well. i guess i just have to make myself remember to do it, either that or get over having photos with every entry.

This photo today is of a strawberry patch that imogen and i made in my backyard in an old wheelbarrow. I seem to have wheelbarrow radar these days!!! The council clean up is now on so everyone has put their trash on the street and everyone goes scavenging. everytime i go out i spot another wheelbarrow, i have been needing one for the yard work for a while now but they are too expensive to buy new. so now we have several second hand ones. This one i picked off the street especially for use as a garden and i transplanted one of our strawberry plants into it. i'm just hoping now that it won't go and die on me because it has been a fairly productive plant so far. it might need a bit more sun than what it will get in this spot. i think it is quite cute and looks good next to the garden bench that we also picked up from the council clean up.

Steve has been doing heaps of gardening in the last week, he has been digging out garden beds ready for planting new vegies. we will have to do some extra research into what will grow well in this climate, we get too many cold rainy days in summer so our tomatoes didn't have much luck. the garden is starting to look really good, its very exciting. i try to go out there every sunny day with beatrice and sit on the grass which is looking very lush under steve's care. and i'm really enjoying hanging out the clothes on sunny days too now that the yard is more inviting.