Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To Market To Market

Imogen and I have been putting together a whole lot of stuff for a market. I asked my friend from work, Karen, if she would like to do a market stall with me at Rozelle and she loved the idea so all of us will do a stall together plus i think my friend cherrie will come for for the day as well. I put together these two suffolk puff cushions quickly just for fun to sell at the market. I am hoping we can do it in about two or three weeks time.

Imogen has been making fabric covered buttons and hair clips out of my vintage fabric scraps. She has made a really lovely display out of them, I think she should do really well with them, they are really cute. I mostly want to sell stuff from around the house but i have been doing a couple of easy crafty things to sell as well. I have painted a few face beads, the type that i put on the coat hangers, maybe they will sell without the hangers. It took forever to find the type of hanger that the hook would come off easily to put a bead on and now they aren't available anywhere anymore :( So I thought i would just try and sell the beads on their own for craft or for people to put on their own hangers.

I think Karen is going to clear a whole lot of stuff out of her house. It should be a fun day when we finally get around to doing it. I'm hoping it will be soon, my loungeroom is filling up with stuff to sell and i want to clear it out! Karen has a knack for coming up with market ideas so i think we are going to plan one for every two months, every market will have a different theme and we have to find stuff to resell or make things to sell using that theme. It will be a fun new hobby and will hopefully get me a little bit of pocket money!


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What a cool idea. You are amazing Jess, and amazing looking to be honest...just saying