Friday, May 7, 2010

blankie upgrade - or - my baby is getting big which makes me sad

wow, i just missed an entire month's worth of updates, but not to worry.

the suffolk puff madness continues, I have upgraded Beatrice's suffolk puff bassinette blankie to a cot sized one. The blankie is super cute but it is a sad occasion for me to be upgrading cos it means she is no longer a tiny bassinette sized baby :(

She really loves playing with her blankie and I wonder if it will still get played with since it will be a lot bigger and therefore heavier so it may not be so good as a toy anymore. I am sure she will play with it still and wrap her self up with it as she is apt to do with any blankie you give her, but little things like these cross my mind and make me sad that she is growing so quickly.

I had put buttons around the outside edge of the blankie so that later on she would be able to see which part was her bassinette, cot and single bed blanket but the buttons turned out to be a bit of a hazard, one of them broke in half and one fell off even though i (thought) i had sewn them on super strong. So I have taken them off and I will sew some smaller sized puffs to put around the edges.

In this photo you can see the cot sized blanket, and i'm not sure if you can actually see it in the photo but i have sewn the puffs for the cot in a huge rectangle to be sewn around the bassinette blanket. In the photo I haven't joined the two parts together yet, I will sew them together tonight but just for now I wasn't ready to take this momentous step... gosh! I must be turning soft!