Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chloe's Birthday Present

I finished Chloe's birthday present the other night. You can see grumpy bunny testing it out, she doesn't look too pleased about it. Grumpy bunny doesn't like anything though. She is very picky.

It wasn't exactly hard to make this pillow case but I could certainly have made it easier for myself. I had wanted the suffolk puffs to be inset into a patchwork surround, which you can see I have done but I don't think the effect is that different to If I had have just made the top patchwork and then appliqued the puffs on. In the end, I had to sew three very uneven layers together, the back the patchwork front and a backing for the front which was a bit fiddly.

But I got there in the end and it is a pretty cool pillow case for a young girl I think. I originally pictured this pillow case with a trim all around the edge of colourful pom poms but I am so glad that I was too lazy to go to the shop to buy the pom poms because that would have ended in wailing and gnashing of teeth I think since I was already struggling with sewing all together into pillow case form.

I will also give Chloe a little beaded purse that used to be mine. It is very pretty and girly so I think she should like that, and inside it I have tucked some little colourful metal smiley face bell charms and three button badges that I made. What girl wouldn't be pleased with that haul, huh?


Dusty said...[Reply to comment]

Very pretty! I can't imagine a little girl who wouldn't love it!

prashant said...[Reply to comment]
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