Wednesday, July 21, 2010

photo shoot

I haven't done much crafting or sewing lately. I'm not sure what I have been doing at all lately actually. The time disappears so quick. I guess mostly I have been trying to get my life into some sort of routine, mostly for Beatrice, but also for me. I also started at the gym this week! So far, I have only been three times but I already feel great. I have all these happy endorphins running around my brain making me feel super happy. So even though I haven't done much sewing, I have done some other fun things. Last friday, my friend, Amanda came round with her little girl Tahlia. Tahlia and Beatrice are best buds. And we did a little photo shoot of the girls at home. We dressed them up in Beatrice's pretty little vintage dresses from granny and we set up some backdrops. And of course Beatrice's suffolk puff blankie was one of the backdrops. I am really impressed with the photos, there are so many beautiful shots, it will be hard to decide which ones to print for Beatrice's special baby album. It's funny, I spend all my day and night with Beatrice and then when she is sleeping, I spend a lot of my time just gazing photos of her thinking about how beautiful I think she is! Surely I can find something not Beatrice related to do in my spare time, can't I?!


Kate said...[Reply to comment]

Love the dress that she is wearing in the second photo - and also that pose is cute!

Jodi Nelson said...[Reply to comment]

Hi! I have featured one of your photos and just wanted to let you know. Thanks for all the inspiration!

Unknown said...[Reply to comment]

Your little Beatrice is ADORABLE!!! Of course your day is full of her!! So glad to have found your blog~it is lovely~
♥ Eileen