Friday, September 4, 2009

Daffodil Lawn

I'm really keen to plant a daffodil lawn in the front yard for next year. Steve and I only moved in to our new house around April or May, so this house is falling apart and desperately needs some love (I'll post a pic of my bathroom and kitchen later, they are truly horrible) - - - but the house will be beautiful in years to come. It has a lot of potential.

Anyway, back to the daffodil lawn. The yard is quite big and already has a lot happening in it, its just that it has been left for the last two years and is now all overgrown. Everyday when we go outside though, there is something new happening. Steve just pointed out a single purple flower that has sprouted up out of no where, and there are these brilliant crimson flowers popping up around the place too but the bit that i have loved the best so far were all the bulbs that sprung up. Big sunshiny patches of them all around the entire yard, and they smell heavenly!

I've always liked the idea of a bulb lawn and i'm hoping that next year i'll have a brilliant one. i'm waiting for the bulbs to die back, i did a bit of research and apparently you shouldn't transplant them or cut them back till they have died. In the meantime, while i'm waiting, Steve has started a garden path for me from the front door to the driveway and letterbox. It will be a windy patchworky one made out of broken bits of concrete blocks that we keep finding hidden in dark corners all over the yard.

Then i get the fun job of transplanting all the bulbs to the front lawn. this will be made heaps easier by my little hole digging tool, you know, the kind made just the right size for bulbs. My mum bought me one from the nursery as part of my birthday present. I got that along with a heap of vegie seedlings plus heaps of baby stuff. I really can't wait for it to be done but i have to be patient cos being pregnant has made me a bit slower and there is only so much gardening i can do at the moment before my back hurts and i start huffing and puffing.

The photos are of one of the bulb patches in the yard and of the very beginnings of steve's garden path. For tips on how to grow your own daffodil lawn click here or here.