Wednesday, September 16, 2009

suffolk puff mad

I have been making suffolk puffs all week and now i have run out of fabric to make any more so i will have to wait patiently (which is very difficult) for more fabric. I figured out i need about 300 puffs to make a baby blanket for Beatrice and so far i have 120ish. This is a project that i'm carrying on from years ago when my mum and i started making suffolk puffs out of vintage fabrics. We were going to make a bed spread each but they just take sooooooo long, especially if you need probably 2000 or more puffs for a queen sized spread. I'm claiming the ones that we made years ago, she is going to post them to me and then i will make a baby blanket for Beatrice but i will add to it every couple of years so that it grows with her so one day she will have a queen sized bedspread. And don't tell my mum this, but i might make her a bedspread as well, maybe for her birthday? I saw on etsy, a lady made a throw sized quilt out of all white muslin suffolk puffs. i really love it, i would like to make a plain white one. So my life at the moment really and truly seems to revolve around suffolk puffs and i have gone a little crazy over them. I picked up this little suffolk puff clown for $1.50 at Lifeline this morning. I am planning on hanging him up over Beatrice's cot.

On an aside, I went op-shopping with ma and we found a couple of little things at life line. I also picked up a glass jug finally. I have never owned a jug before but i have made lemonade and bubble tea a couple of times recently. the only jug i had was the blender jug! It worked fine but was annoying to clean afterwards. Along the theme of food, i made coconut macaroons last night that turned out awesome. Steve says they taste like the middle of a bounty chocolate bar. I also made a potato and silverbeet quiche which turned out really yum. Much better than i ever expected it would be, i'm so impressed with myself, quite smug really.