Wednesday, September 16, 2009

another new obsession

I finally found some beads that i can use for the coat hanger project that i mentioned here. There is one shop in Penrith that sells them the right size and in raw timber. I might see if i can track some down in bulk on ebay. And it turns out that it is hard to find the right kind of coat hangers. Most of them don't allow the hooks to be taken off and put back on again. But i finally found one brand that i could unscrew the hooks (I had to stand in the shop and test them all). So they are pretty damned cute right??!! It took me a couple of times to figure out how to paint them nicely but i think i have it sorted now. I had never heard of Spool Dolls before, they seem to be big in America, but i found a tutorial somewhere of how to paint faces on beads to use them for spool dolls. I can't remember where the tutorial was but here is a link to the Erica Daley website. She makes spool dolls and so i have borrowed some of her ideas to get me started for bead head painting. I will be selling these soon on Etsy so keep an eye out for them.