Sunday, December 20, 2009

suffolk puff madness continues

These suffolk puffs are going to occupy me for years I'm sure of it. It takes a loooooonnnngg time to make enough suffolk puffs for a queen sized bedspread. I'm not sure how many I have made so far, I'm too busy sewing them to stop and count them all, that sounds like a bit of a boring endeavour anyway :-) I have sewn 150 or so together to make a bassinette sized spread for Beatrice. The plan is that the quilt will grow with her as she grows. So when she moves into the cot i will make it cot sized and then single bed and then double or queen sized later on.

I was thinking of adding buttons to the centres of the puffs on the outer edges so that later on you can see which sections of the quilt were the original bassinette/cot/single sized sections. I have a whole tin of buttons that are never going to be used so this might be a good use for them.

On an aside, i really want to do some painted prints of Beatrice's feet before she gets much bigger. I think i'll have to do it while she is asleep and I was thinking i might need help for this project because it could get messy. Every night I keep telling myself "tomorrow", but you know, tomorrow never comes. Perhaps if i write it on here, i really will do it tomorrow.