Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's Christmas :)

Yay! It's christmas! I haven't been this happy about christmas for a long time. I think it's more exciting with a child around...even though Beatrice is too little to understand, i can still enjoy it. We won't be doing much for christmas anyway this year. Ma has visited Katoomba twice already just in the last couple of months and she was here for at least 8 weeks all up so she won't be coming back down for a while. Imogen, Bobo and Harley will be coming over though. We are planning a relaxed afternoon with food and a couple of drinks and maybe some movies or something...just the way christmas should be, nice and relaxed (we aren't even doing presents this year, that's how relaxed this year is) Although i do have a present for Steve and i got Beatrice's christmas tree and santa photo like i said i would. So how do you like our christmas tree? It's only tiny, the perfect size for Beatrice. It will grow to 1m tall over ten years. The decorations came from the christmas shop at leura, i thought they were sweet.

Beatrice is doing very well. She is so cute! and very content. She slept non-stop for twelve hours last night, is that unusual for a baby only 5 weeks old? she stirred a bit at 4 in the morning so i fed her but she was still sleeping while feeding and then at 7 this morning i fed her again while she was still mostly asleep. She finally woke at about nine and she has kind of been dozing on and off. right now she is lying on the couch next to me talking to me and playing with the ipod cable.