Thursday, September 3, 2009

Undaggy Homemade Presents

Every year i decide i am going to make homemade presents for my family for christmas and birthday presents but i never end up doing it because, well, let's face it, most homemade presents are really daggy and unuseful (is unuseful a word?). Do people really want pencil holders made out of baked bean tins and homemade snow globes? i know my family certainly doesn't. there is something really annoying about holiday themed gifts too, a christmas themed table runner would not go down well with any of my family. So anyway, i've been trying to compose a list of items that i could make for presents for this christmas. Everytime i see a cute idea on the net or in a book, i have been adding it to my list. So far i have:
  • Jar of homemade cookies (cos food is always a good gift)
  • Bottles of mulled wine - which i'm not sure if this would work cos i don't know if you can store it very well and then reheat it. Someone please let me know if this is possible!
  • Bags - as in the handbag, side bag type of thing
  • Badges - i have an awesome badge maker which i love using so i can always give badges very easily - i do think there is a limit to the amount of badges you can give to family members though
  • Christmas tree ornament cookies (you know, shortbread with ribbon tied through them so you can hang them on the tree) this wouldn't work for anyone in my family because none of them have a christmas tree, but i still think the idea is cute
  • Old tin watering can potted with daffodils or herbs or something
  • Wooden clothes hangers - i just saw a pic of these awesome ones that would be super easy to make on angry chickens blogsite i love this blog, she makes some lovely things that i will have to get round to copying one day. check out her clothes hanger pictured above!