Saturday, September 5, 2009

Baby Stuff

This is the baby stuff that I have so far. I don't really have a whole lot but i'm planning on keeping it that way - - - a decluttered baby. I'm planning on keeping everything pretty simple. (but, you know, maybe i'm just naive) My dad brought an entire suitcase of baby clothes over from vietnam, a lot of them are bigger sizes so i have put those things in storage for now and just kept the things that will fit a newborn. My dad also bought me a pouch carrier thing, i didn't realise how expensive those things were, we went to baby kingdom at penrith to get it - - - man! that place is huge and there is so much stuff. i think i need to invent some sort of baby product cos you can sell baby stuff at top dollar and people buy it. when my mum and i went there we were amazed that you can buy burp cloths but we couldn't figure out how they were different to a hand towel or a tea towel or something.

My mum bought heaps of stuff too, she bought singlets and jumpsuits and a baby bath. i love the little singlets and wondersuits so much, they are so sweet! The colours are beautiful and they are just sooooo small! aawwwww, now i'm getting sappy. I got the cane bassinet and stand from an antique shop up the road for pretty cheap, the guy said he had it for ages and couldn't sell it so it had become a storage basket for his other sale items. I also have a stroller and a lady at a garage sale gave me a car capsule plus my mum has heaps of our baby clothes from when we were tiny and cute (and well behaved) plus she has sheets and blankets and the cot that Imogen and Harley used. We just have to figure out how to get them down here from Queensland.

I still have to get towels, nappies and pilchers. I'm going with cloth nappies because i can't stand the thought of throwing all that plastic into landfill. Steve thinks i'll change my mind after the first week but i don't know, disposables are so expensive and nasty to the planet, i can't bring myself to use them. I was also going to avoid disposable baby wipes for the same reason. plus they use some pretty toxic stuff in baby wipes. In the suitcase full of stuff my dad gave me was about a kazzillion muslin face washers so i can use those instead and throw them in the wash with the nappies. tada! it'll be much cheaper, less toxic and easier on my conscience.

I can't think of anything else i need. i think i'm nearly set, let me know if i've missed something. oh yeah, i do need a chest of drawers too which is coming soon. Above are some pics of Beatrice's room but she will be staying in the bassinette in our room for a while.