Friday, September 4, 2009

Ted E. Bare

Ted E. bare was something of an icon in our family. In fact, I think i have more photos of Ted than I do of my non-teddy family members. He belonged to my sister, Imogen, and while Ted was utterly devoted to Imogen, he did like to spread himself around (quite thickly as i recall). Ted's favourite hobby was to watch infomercials and then bug everyone for weeks by reciting the slogans and spouting about the benefits of the product and why we should buy it (in bulk). We always thought he was a little strange for watching infomercials though because he claimed to be a Harvard and Cambridge University graduate and he always claimed to be working hard on some top secret project. In fact, he once sent me an email telling me about how he was working so hard on the computer that his fur had become dull and he was forced to take regular breaks by lying inside his laptop so he could use it like a solarium.
We never did find out what his work specifically entailed.

I could tell a million stories about Ted which would make this post really really long, so I won't tell them all now, I'll save some for later. I will tell you though about how Ted is no longer with us - - - Ted was invited on an overseas trip by one of Imogen's friends so he gladly went along. It was when he returned to Australia that he was attacked by a vicious dog and the friends mother (not knowing how terribly important Ted was) threw him in the bin. Imogen was devastated, she even made a trip out to the garbage tip to see if it would be possible to find Ted in all the rubbish. Unfortunately Ted was already buried underneath all the landfill. Imogen cried for weeks.

I would love to be able to replace Ted for Imogen. If you have seen a bear that is identical to this one and you are able to part with him, send me a message please. I would be forever grateful.