Friday, September 4, 2009

Christmas Present for Beatrice's First Chrissy

So I was thinking about undaggy presents some more and i was thinking about how unnecessary making a big deal out of christmas, easter and birthdays is for babies.

Of course I'm thinking about this because I'm going to have my first baby in 9 weeks. I'm expecting a little girl which we have named Beatrice Lily. But maybe i'm a little strange because other women in online pregnancy discussion groups are discussing which brand of baby monitor they are going to buy. Anyway, just run with me here..........

It's not like I wont celebrate holidays, It's just that i don't want to celebrate by giving hundreds of plastic presents, I'm looking to keep things simple and keep Beatrice unspoiled, and besides, I think it is much more lovely for her to have a photo with Santa to look back on in years to come than a million presents that won't last and that she won't remember. So for Beatrice's first christmas i'm thinking we will get the Santa photo thing done and for a present i'll get a potted christmas tree that she can keep for years and years. that way we can have a christmas tree in the house every year (without having to kill poor defenceless trees) and, you know, start a little tradition, plus it will be her own special tree.

Plus i'll have the bonus of being able to make those shortbread christmas tree decorations that i talked about here. I found the pic above with the cookie cutter hanging from the tree on the good house keeping website. this is so cute, i'll try this one christmas too, even though they don't look as delicious as cookies.